About us

Perangua is an online platform that connects environmental activists and their allies, who may be able to assist with their campaigns. We bring global attention to local campaigns and provide useful, professional, and personalized help to all activists protecting nature and local communities. We encourage travelers to identify campaigns they can support, grow their activism, and seek self-improvement by gaining in-depth knowledge in environmental conservation.

Our mission is to facilitate the success of environmental campaigns by creating a powerful networking tool for activists and volunteers, including travelers, experts and organizations.
Why are we doing this?

All around the world activists are fighting to protect nature and local communities. Often they struggle to connect with allies and like-minded people because information about their campaign is scarce and the areas affected are remote. This is why Perangua was created.

The purpose of this growing network is to answer the urgent need to support local activists and connect them with travelers and experts from around the world. 

How does it work?


The online platform brings together activists in a global community dedicated to protecting nature and local livelihoods. We are here to connect committed people in search of a sustainable direction for our world.

Key features: All campaigns are shown on a world map and organized in a database. A search engine assists in locating specific campaigns or people.


As communication channels are scarce or barred for many activists, Perangua spreads campaign information worldwide through the website and social media. This will be facilitated by other participants in the network.

Key features: A citizen-monitoring tool provides the opportunity for travelers to upload photos, videos and text about the campaigns they visit and link this information to travel blogs, thereby providing campaign support nearly no effort required of local activists.


With expert support, long-term campaign strategies may be designed and executed. In those regions inaccessible to foreigners, online assistance provides a solution. Otherwise, travelers may arrive to help on-site.

Key features: The Perangua resource pool connects experts worldwide with environmental campaigns.


How can I participate in the Perangua community?


Where does the name Perangua come from?

Perangua are the nuts of the critically endangered Dracontomelon macrocarpum tree.

The nuts are a delicacy, collected by indigenous people, in old-growth forests around rivers only in certain parts of China and Laos. These trees are getting very rare as a result of deforestation and dams being built in their natural habitat.

The network is named Perangua as a reminder of what we can lose if we don’t protect the environment around us.


You are an individual, a community or an organization committed to supporting a greener and more sustainable future? You share our values and want to connect with us? Get in touch!